Zapier Services: How Bailey Leverages Zapier to help Companies Maximize Profits, Streamline Workflows, Foster Company Culture, and So Much More

As more and more companies embrace automation, one name continually stands out amongst the crowd when it comes to automation platforms: Zapier. There's a good reason for this. Zapier is best in class for plenty of reasons. It works exceedingly well, once it's able to seamlessly integrate with existing procedures big and small, and it works with thousands of different applications that companies use every day. Simply put, leveraging Zapier technology is one of the best ways to automate your business, period. That's why when Bailey works with companies to optimize their processes and workflows, Zapier is often the first solution we suggest. But what exactly is Zapier and how can you utilize it to its maximum potential? Allow us to explain.

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The Impact of Zapier

The impact of Zapier can't really be overstated. Businesses both big and small can use Zapier to increase profits, improve processes, save time, and so much more. Building a better business, a business where your operations can scale as you grow, becomes easier once you begin utilizing the full extent of Zapier's capabilities. So how do you begin utilizing these capabilities? Bailey can help in two different ways: Giving you the tools you need to train your staff in it or matching you up with out experts to take care of everything efficiently and easily. Our certified Zapier experts are ready to start helping you take full advantage of the benefits of business automation. Take a look at what Bailey can offer you below:


Implementing Zapier in Your Business:
Let our Automation Nerds Help

Training is a great solution for those who have the extensive time to do it and the employees willing to train, but sometimes it’s easier to leave it to the experts and ensure that you’ll get the most comprehensive, efficient solutions. Bailey specializes in implementing Zapier in a wide variety of industries. Browse our various Zapier services below to see what’s right for your business.

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Certified Zapier Experts

Our certified Zapier experts are the perfect solution for those looking to execute Zapier workflows at a large or small scale. Need to just automate a few projects? A Zapier expert has you covered. Need a variety of complex workflows to be automated? They can help with that too. A Zapier expert can quickly and easily create the best and most efficient workflows, find new opportunities, and supply ongoing support after implementation.

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Zapier Agency

Bailey is a full-scale Zapier agency for businesses. When you need swift implementation, years of expertise in a diverse array of industries, high ROI, and scalable solutions, it's time to get in touch with a Zapier agency like Bailey. We provide an easy ramp-up for businesses, we take the time to completely understand your goals and needs, we offer ongoing optimizations and reports, and we utilize a proven process to get you results. Our innovative Bailey bot technology ensures you get the best Zapier automations possible and that they're perfectly tailored to meet the needs of your business.

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Zapier Consultants

With the plethora of options Zapier affords, it can be difficult for companies to know where to start. That's where Bailey consultants can step in. They can take an expert, top-down look at your company and identify new opportunities, find optimizations, make a plan for implementation, and offer you support afterward. Our consultation process begins with a throughout opportunity assessment and we build you a customized strategy from there.

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Zapier Developers

Zapier allows for a ton of customized solutions to help companies automate their processes. That being said, it can get complicated as your workflows become more complex and as you need it to be more specifically tailored to your business. When that happens, a Zapier developer can help you with custom solutions, advanced integrations, and more. With the help of a Zapier developer, you can expect increases sales, happier and more productive employees, increased profits, and maximized business growth.

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Case Studies

Thousands of companies benefit from Zapier every day. Here are a few Case Studies conducted by Zapier:

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Streamlining a Graphic Design Firm's Sales Process

When a leading graphic design company that connects other companies to quality graphic designers for web projects needed robust automation solutions, they turned to Zapier. They harnessed the power of Zapier by completely automating their sales process, leading to happier clients, more sales made, and countless hours saved. They do this by connecting their typeforms to the Hubspot CRM, creating new deals and contacts automatically from the typeform responses. Graphics team is then notified of new projects through Slack. Finally, an email is sent to the new client indicating their project request has been received. All of this is done in seconds by the Zapier platform.

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A Payroll Platform Optimizes Its Business with Automation

An innovative startup that helps businesses make time tracking, payroll, and workers comp easy needed a solution that made their businesses operations easier too. With Zapier, they were able to streamline their onboarding process. First, Zapier will send clients forms to sign through PandaDoc once certain steps are completed to join the platform. It sends these documents through Gmail and once they're signed, Zapier will connect to RingCentral to send important tax forms safely to the IRS. This onboarding process is done without the owners and employees of the company having to do anything, allowing them to focus on customer service and engineering the product instead.

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A Company Helps Businesses Curate Their Social Feeds

Employees advocating and sharing news about their companies on social media is a great way to increase social engagement and recruit new, quality employees. However, it can be hard for large businesses to monitor all of these posts and make sure they’re acceptable. That’s why a leading software company came up with an application which allows companies to curate their employee posted content. Zapier helped them optimize this platform in a wide variety of ways. For instance, with Zapier they are able to connect the Feedly API to the Digest by Zapier and Email by Zapier features. What this did was create a new story when employees added news to the Feedly API. Digest by Zapier then added these stories to a scheduled digest, after which Email by Zapier sent the digest to the admin for review. This made it extremely easy for the admin to sort through the posted stories and approve them as needed.

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Implementing Zapier in Your Business:
Educate and Train Your Staff

Bailey has a variety of resources that allow you to train your staff and ensure that you have a team able to have the freedom and agility to implement Zapier in all of your processes and in new processes as you grow. Here are the resources we offer:

Zapier Training Course

Bailey offers both basic and advanced training courses to get your staff up to speed with the latest in Zapier implementation and capabilities. Our Bailey staff are experts in Zapier, so you can trust your staff will have incredible instructors throughout the training process. With the power of Zapier in your staff's hands, you'll be able to make their lives that much easier while increasing your businesses' bottom line.
Zapier Training
Bailey also offers more general courses in basic and advanced automation training. For those companies that seek to use Zapier, custom API integration, or RPA, this might be useful for your business. If you're interested in learning more about automation, you can check out our automation eBook as well.
Automation Training

Automation Training Course

Meet Bailey's Best in Class Service Team

A Zapier service provider lives and dies with the abilities of its team. Here at Bailey, we choose a diverse set of Zapier consultants, experts, and developers to best meet the needs of our clients. When you partner with Bailey, you'll have a member of our team best suited to your industry assigned to you. This means you'll always have their utmost attention and expertise available to you. Meet some of the members of our team below:

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Joel G.

Hello, I'm Joel. In my freetime I definitely consider myself a bit of a writer. Writing short stories is my favorite! I also have over 3 years of experience developing with Zapier. The possibilities that it opens up for companies is truly astounding. I can’t wait to show you what Zapier can do for you.

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Brad V.

Hey, Brad here. My hobbies include making homemade candles and keeping up my Etsy shop. My long and fulfilling career in Zapier consulting has definitely shown me the power it has to have a huge impact on businesses, at just about every level. Let us show you how Zapier can change your business.

avi photo

Avi P.

Good to meet you, I'm Avi. I’m always looking to push myself, maybe that’s why I run two marathons per year! Zapier is truly an amazing tool, and not enough companies are using it. There are so many industries that can benefit from Zapier, and I’ve developed solutions for just about all of them. I hope to get the chance to develop for your business as well.

bella photo

Bella S.

Hi there, I'm Bella. I consider myself a bit of an amateur astrologist and like to take my telescope to the park on weekends. As a certified Zapier expert, I know all the ins and outs of this tool, and it’s constantly surprising just how great of an impact it can have on businesses. I look forward to helping you learn what Zapier can change for your business.


Zapier 101

Need a quick overview of what Zapier is and how it works? Read on to learn more.

What is Zapier?

Put simply, Zapier is a cloud-based automation tool, but there is boundless potential beneath the surface. Zapier has literally thousands of apps that it's able to connect, including highly used ones like Slack, Google Drive, Salesforce, and so much more. Zapier can be as simple or as complex as you need it to be. Anyone can set up a basic Zap with just a few steps, but most companies will need something more robust. If you need something more comprehensive, advanced Zaps can be made by experienced developers. This unlimited potential makes it one of the most used automation tools on the market.

Why Zapier is Leading the Charge in Automation?

Zapier's name rings out in the automation world because they've created a platform that makes automation more accessible and that has the ability to connect to thousands of common APIs. Zapier started back in 2011 and has grown to a team of over 250 employees with a diverse background and skill set. Their dedication to staying on the cutting edge of automation has made Zapier one of the consistently best choices when companies and teams are looking to overhaul their workflows and processes.

Who Uses Zapier?

Zapier is being used by over 3 million people in a vast array of industries. No matter what industry you happen to be in, Zapier can make your workflows and processes easier and more efficient. Zapier technology is used in the healthcare industry, the real estate industry, the financial industry, and so much more. Zapier's flexibility and ability to work with thousands of apps means that every company can find some sort of benefit from using the platform.

How Does Zapier Work?

Zapier technology relies on its ability to connect different apps and automate workflows. To get a general idea of how Zapier technology works, it's good to know a few terms. The most common terms being Zap, Trigger, Action, and Task. Let's break each of these terms down:

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A Zap is just a term that describes a workflow you've created on the Zapier platform. When you create a Zap, you'll need to create triggers and actions to make it work.

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A trigger is an event that causes your Zap to run. You can have automatic Zaps or manual Zaps. An Automatic Zap will go off every time the specific trigger event occurs in the app. Zapier does this constantly monitoring the app and watching for the event. For instance, let's say you want a Slack notification every time you make a sale on Shopify. Zapier will monitor your Shopify store and when a sale is made, the trigger, it will send you a notification about the sale in Slack.

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In the above example with the Slack notification, the notification itself would be considered the action. Zapier saw the sale happen and that triggered it to send you the notification. When creating a Zap, triggers will be labeled as "When this happens" followed by what you've chosen as the trigger. The action will follow and be labeled as "Do this" followed by your desired action.

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When your Zap runs a piece of data, like sending you a Slack notification, then it counts as one task. The more tasks you use, the bigger your Zapier plan will need to be. Keep in mind though, all of those tasks are all things you didn't have to do yourself manually, so those tasks are a good visual of the amount of time you've saved by using Zaps.

What Are Some Examples
Of Popular Zaps?

There are so many ways to use Zapier, it would be impossible to list every possible Zap here. However, to give you the briefest idea of some things Zapier can do, here are some of the most popular Zaps people are using:

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Sales Zaps

  • Send leads a personal message - Every time you get a new lead, you can have Zapier automatically send you a personalized message based on the information they filled out in the form.
  • Notify staff of new leads - Every time you get a new lead, you can have Zapier send the relevant team members a Slack notification that informs them of all the info they need to know to follow up.
  • Add new leads to databases - When you get a new lead, Zapier can automatically add it to your spreadsheets or customer databases.
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Organizational Zaps

  • Add tasks to a to-do list - You can have Zapier automatically add tasks from tools like Asana to a to-do list so you know what's on the docket.
  • Get event alerts - Important reminders for events and upcoming meetings can be sent to all the relevant parties on their preferred apps to make sure no one is ever caught unaware again.
  • Automatically saves files and media - Zapier can automatically download important docs and media to the cloud or to Google Drive when you receive them in your email.
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Marketing Zaps

  • Track offline conversations - Zapier can detect offline conversations and add them to a spreadsheet or database so you have more accurate numbers.
  • Add leads to nurture email campaigns - Zapier can take new leads and automatically add them to nurture campaigns in MailChimp or whatever email platform you prefer.
  • Share cross-platform social media content - Zapier can connect to all your social media platforms and make sure posts are made and formatted correctly across every account.

These Zaps are just scratching the surface of what Zapier is capable of, Zaps can be as simple or as complex as you need them to be.

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Harness the Power of Zapier with Bailey's Help

As you can see, the functions of Zapier are extremely diverse. The downside of all these capabilities is that it can be difficult to figure out where to start. Here at Bailey, we offer Zapier consultations and development. We can advise you on how best to utilize Zapier for your company and we can implement those processes for you with our expert development team. Contact us today for more information and to set up an initial consultation.

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