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The days of having to do everything manually are in the past. Automate your repetitive workflows to save both time and money with Zapier. Not sure where to start? That's where we come in. At Bailey, our Zapier consultants will figure out how best to apply Zapier to your business to meet your needs and exceed your goals.

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Zapier's Impact On Your Business

As certified Zapier experts, we can tell you from experience: Every business has manual processes. When those process pile up or become unnecessarily complex, they cause frustration, drain energy, take away focus, distract from important tasks, and inevitably cost you time and money.

Zapier was built to help you streamline manual workflows by allowing your different business applications to talk to each other. Once they're talking, a tangled knot of individual tasks can be transformed into an easy-to-use, comprehensive system that works for you instead of against you.

What Connects with Zapier?

Zapier can connect with thousands of third-party APIs. Here are just a few of the most common ones we've helped our clients improve with Zapier workflows.
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Google Ads
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Facebook Ads
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G Suite
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And thousands more

Popular Zapier Use Cases

The array of use cases for Zapier means that there's bound to be a way that your business can utilize Zaps. Here are just a few common use cases that shows you the power and efficiency of automation.


Automatically schedule an appointment when a lead fills out a form. Zapier will create the appointment and notify you and the lead.

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Respond to new leads from Facebook immediately and with a personal touch. Zapier can contact leads with a personal message when a new lead follows your CTA, or it can send their info to the sales team automatically so they can follow up.

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With Zapier, you can automatically add your PayPal customers to email lists, text them receipts, and much more. This connects you to customers with little to no effort on your part.

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Connect everything to your G Suite. Everything from Google Sheets, Google Drive, Google Forms, and so much more can be automated with Zapier.

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Connect your entire team by running Zaps through various Slack workflows. You can send Slack notifications when Google Sheets are updated, when typeforms are filled, when leads are obtained, and much more.

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Optimize and automate all your social media feeds with the power of Zapier. Automatically upload Twitter posts to Facebook or upload Instagram photos directly to your Twitter feed.

Benefits Of Hiring A Zapier Consultant

Zapier was built to be both powerful and intuitive, and you may have even started creating automations (zaps) for yourself. If you have, then you know that as your zaps get more complex and numerous, they begin to require much more maintenance to ensure that they run smoothly. This can add hours, if not days, to manage correctly.

Our Zapier certified experts are here to make sure that doesn't happen. With experience creating and maintaining full workflows, our automation team will take of everything, leaving you with only the benefits of your new systems and processes.

Plus, we can spot automation opportunities that are likely to be missed at first glance. Having already answered so many business concerns through automation, we can identify valuable integrations that allow you to maximize all that that Zapier has to offer.


Find New Zaps and Connect New APIs
Our expert Zapier consultants will find the places in your business where you could best utilize Zapier to your advantage.

They may suggest APIs to use or identify whole workflows that can be automated.
Improve Existing Zaps
Maybe you're ahead of the curve and already using Zapier. If so, you know that some Zaps can be tricky. We will review your existing processes and make sure they're optimized to efficiency and stability.



Set You Up for Success
At Bailey, we're a one stop shop for all things Zapier. We're not just here to share what to do. We're here to do it for you. Once we've outlined the opportunities and/or found optimizations, we will do the heavy lifting and implement everything for you.
Ongoing Support and Reporting
At Bailey, we're here to help make your business the best it can be. That's why we offer continued support and ongoing reporting after implementation. You'll see exactly how our work is helping you. We're your partner to contact when you want to make tweaks.


Our Zapier Consultation Process

We use a thorough, holistic process to best understand your company's needs. Our Zapier consultation process starts with an opportunity assessment and then we customize our approach from there. This proven process will help us to best server your needs and meet your goals.

The people we work with tend to fall into a few categories:

1. You want to begin automating your business but aren't sure where to start.
2. You've set up some automation, but aren't sure if it's working as well as you'd like.
3. You're already using Zapier to automate, but are looking to fully maximize it's impact.

Whichever stage you're in, we're ready to help. Here's how our process works.

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Opportunity Assessment

First, we will look at your current processes and determine what can be improved with Zapier automation. We will determine what your goals are and what you hope to accomplish through automation.

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Customized Zapier Strategy

Based on your current processes and workflows, we'll create a completely customized strategy that will help you meet your goals, improve existing Zaps or workflows, and suggest brand new ones.

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Execute Optimizations and New Processes

Once the strategy has been determined and approved by you, we can move forward with implementation. Our Zapier consultants will connect you with our expert developer team to quickly create and improve your workflows in days, not months.

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Make Adjustments as Necessary

As you run your new workflows, we'll make optimizations and tweaks as necessary to ensure you're getting maximum efficiency and potential out of Zapier.

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Ongoing Support and Reports

Here at Bailey, we're dedicated to the long-term success of all our clients. After implementation we will provide ongoing, comprehensive reports and provide any technical support you may need.

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Opportunity Assessment

presentation with success charts

Customized Zapier Strategy

chart depicting growth

Execute Optimizations and
New Processes

gear shifting adjustments

Make Adjustments
as Necessary

report showing upward trend

Ongoing Support
and Reports

Not Sure If It's A Fit?

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Featured Zapier Consultants

Bailey has a diverse team of talented Zapier consultants with experience across every industry. Here are just a few of the most experienced members of our consultant team. Bailey only hires the best so you receive the best service. Our team of Zapier consultants has experience in an array of industries, the knowledge to identify various ways to automate your business, and an unmatched dedication to customer satisfaction.

weston photo

Weston P.

Hey there, I'm Weston. Here are a couple things to know about me: I'm obsessed with keeping up with cryptocurrency, my two calico cats are half of my life, and the other half is finding new and exciting ways to implement Zapier in the businesses I work with. I hope to show you how amazing Zapier can be next!

logan photo

Logan G.

Pleasure to meet you, I'm Logan. Some things you won't find me doing: swimming in deep water and jumping out of planes. Some things you'll definitely find me doing: looking up tattoo ideas, trying out different types of tea, and playing Fortnite. I also love to show businesses what Zapier can do for them. I look forward to using my years of experience to show you the power of Zapier.

kabir photo

Kabir T.

Hi, I'm Kabir! With over 4 years of experience consulting companies on how best to use Zapier, I'm still finding new ways to help companies automate. Other than consulting on Zapier workflows and automation, I love to scour my town for geocaching stashes. I'm also a big Miami Heat fan and try to catch every game.

madelyn photo

Madelyn L.

Hello, I'm Madelyn! Growing up on the Lake of the Ozarks means that boating and wakeboarding was my first passion. The next passion I found was the world of automations and Zapier. With my vast Zapier consulting experience, I've helped tons of companies find the best way to use and implement Zapier, and I'm excited to do the same for you.

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