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UiPath is by far one of the most robust platforms for automation on the market, especially at the enterprise level. The platform is versatile with a bevy of features that empower enterprises to automate and change the way their business runs for the better. With that being said, implementing and integrating such a multi-faceted software can be overwhelming. That’s why there are UiPath service providers to make sure your UiPath implementation is holistic and seamless. Here at Bailey, we can make sure your business can start using UiPath as soon as possible, providing maximum impact on your processes.

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What is UiPath?

UiPath is a comprehensive end-to-end automation solution. Implementing UiPath does so much more than just speed up a few tedious processes. The idea is for UiPath to completely transform your business to perform at optimum capacity. UiPath uses robotic process automation combined with artificial intelligence, process analytics, machine learning, and more. This sophisticated combination allows you to get the most out of automation and automate at just about every level of your business, in every department.

Benefits of UiPath

Through UiPath’s hyperautomation, your business will improve in an array of ways. Here are some of the biggest benefits of utilizing UiPath as your automation platform:


Eliminate mundane and tedious tasks

No more spending inordinate amounts of time on busywork. Each and every one of your employees will have their most tedious processes automated, save you hundreds or even thousands of hours.

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Increased Productivity and Quality

You never want to sacrifice quality for quantity, but with UiPath you don’t have to. Automation will empower your employees to be able to do work much faster while maintaining high levels of quality.

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Employee Happiness

Employees won’t be run down by their workload anymore. They’ll have the ability to do their jobs at a high level and actually enjoy their work again.

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Robust Tools

UiPath is a comprehensive suite of automation tools. Monitor performance over time, easily manage the bots running in your business, integrate cloud functionality, connect systems with UiPath app functionality, and much more.

This is just scratching the surface when it comes to what UiPath can do for your business. Here at Bailey, we can show you the full capabilities of UiPath.

UiPath Services at Bailey

Bailey offers various UiPath services to meet your automation needs and help you make the biggest impact possible with the platform. With UiPath developers, architects, business analysts, and consultants on our team, we cover the gamut of UiPath solutions.

UiPath Developers

UiPath developers are your builders. They can create bots that do all the things you need your business to do. Whether you need attended, unattended bots, or a hybrid of the two, they can handle it for you. Using the powerful UiPath development platform, our developers will program any process or workflow you need. Document understanding, artificial intelligence, chatbots, and more can all be created for you, ready to deploy and implement into your enterprise.

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UiPath Developers

UiPath Architects

Our UiPath architects will help your systems figure out how to work with each other and optimize their communications. Our architects will also help you with cloud integration, whether you want to use UiPath’s cloud or integrate your own. Needing to connect third-party apps or custom APIs? They can help with that too. Architects can take your current technologies and ensure they work with UiPath. In short, our architects will get your automations humming at peak performance.

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UiPath Architects

UiPath Business Analysts

UiPath is an amazing platform, but does it work for your business? This is a question that many business owners might ask themselves. The truth is, automation is great for just about any industry, and UiPath is an automation platform that offers tons of great solutions, but it might not be the way your business should automate. A UiPath business analyst can clear those questions up for you. Our analysts can determine if UiPath is the way to go for your company, if you should switch to UiPath if you’re already automating, and look at your current performance and provide reports on how UiPath could help.

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UiPath Business Analysts

UiPath Consultants

If you’re just starting on your RPA journey or you’re looking to optimize what you’re already working with, a UiPath consultant can be your guide. Our consultants at Bailey are also experts in helping enterprises scale up when the time comes. Consultants can also help with process mining, which helps you identify optimizations in UiPath.

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UiPath Consultants

UiPath Case Studies

UiPath works, plain and simple. Take a look at how these companies have improved thanks to the implementation of UiPath solutions.

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A Soft Drink Bottling Company Saves Time and Money

With the power of UiPath, a bottling company for a major soft drink was able to save tons of time for each of their 5,000+ employees. In less than a year, they were able to save over 7,000 hours of employee time and automate over 70% of manual work.

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A Major Bank Embraces RPA

With the help of UiPath, a major bank was able to completely transform their business. Tasks like merging customer accounts, which would normally take weeks of manual work, were able to be completed in days. Over 6,000 hours of loan processing work were saved. With UiPath, nearly every department of this 5,000+ employee company was streamlined.

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A Clinic Able to Deliver Covid Testing at a Rapid Rate

COVID-19 caused workflow problems for many companies, but maybe none more so than health clinics and hospitals. Thanks to RPA with UiPath, a major drive-through clinic was able to automate the registration process to take less than 15 seconds, when it used to take up to ten minutes. This allowed them to cut down on wait times and errors, and let essential workers spend more time helping people.

Bailey is a UiPath Partner

Being a UiPath partner means that Bailey is trusted by UiPath to help businesses with their automation transformation. It means our experts are certified to help you on your automation journey, make the most of the UiPath platform, and implement all of your UiPath solutions seamlessly.

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Meet Some of Our Experts

Speaking of our UiPath experts, we’d like to introduce you to some of our awesome team members below:

Liam K.

Hello, I’m Liam. I’m an avid escape room attendee with my friend group, and we usually like to hit movie trivia night after at my local pub. As you can see, solving problems is sort of in my DNA, and developing solutions for UiPath is no different. Let’s see what kind of problems I can solve for you!


Noah R.

Hi, I’m Noah! As a UiPath architect, I find the best way to implement UiPath in your infrastructure. I guess some of that has rubbed off in my personal life because I also love to build complicated Lego models! I’m ready to help you build the best version of UiPath for your company.


Rami W.

Hey there, I’m Rami. As a UiPath business analyst, it’s my job to see how UiPath could work for you. When I’m not helping companies make the right automation decisions, I like to lay by my pool and listen to my sports podcasts.


Olivia G.

Hello, I’m Olivia! My specialty here at Bailey is consulting our clients on the various layers of UiPath. Whether you’re looking to scale up or find optimizations, I’m your girl. In my free time, I fancy myself a bit of a designer. I like mocking up designs for dresses and making my best attempt at sewing them together.

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