Don’t Trust Just Anyone with Your UiPath Solutions, Trust a UiPath Partner

More and more companies are trusting UiPath for their automation needs. It makes perfect sense, as it’s one of the best end-to-end automation solutions on the market. But when you’re looking to implement a full UiPath integration in your company, you want to make sure to do it right. That’s when you turn to a UiPath partner. A UiPath partner is certified by UiPath to implement and integrate their solutions. Bailey has achieved UiPath partner status due to our proven capabilities with the platform and our mastery of the different facets. When you’re looking to implement UiPath in your company, trust Bailey to handle it for you.

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What is a UiPath Partner?

As one of the most advanced RPA platforms, UiPath takes great pains to ensure their clients achieve success with their automation solutions. To facilitate this success, they created a partner program that allows companies to become UiPath certified service providers. When a service provider gets this seal of approval from UiPath, businesses looking to integrate UiPath in their ecosystem can trust that it will be done well. UiPath has a rigorous process to vet their service providers, so you can rest assured that you’re going to get amazing and top-quality service when you enlist a member of their partner program for your automation needs.

How Does a Company Become a Partner?

Becoming a UiPath partner is not an easy road. UiPath is an industry-leading automation platform, so they expect their service partners to be the upper echelon. When a business becomes a UiPath partner, there are two partner tiers along with an additional Professional Service certification that service providers can achieve. Here is a quick breakdown of the differences between UiPath partner tiers:


Diamond tier is the highest tier of UiPath partner status. Very few service providers will be rated at this tier. In order for a provider to achieve the diamond status tier, their RPA practice must be well established, they must have a significant amount of client success, and they must have mastery of implementing UiPath automations for various different industries.


Gold tier is the other UiPath partner tier. Gold partners should demonstrate a high-level understanding of RPA and have advanced technical knowledge in deploying automation solutions. Gold partners will have client success to back up their advanced expertise and high-quality service.

Professional Services Certified

The Professional Services certification isn’t a tier of the UiPath partner program, rather it’s a certification that indicates the delivery skills and client success of a service provider. UiPath vets companies who wish to get this certification through a rigorous testing process. To be certified, a company must complete an assessment that involves interviews, technical tests to evaluate expertise, and remote assessments. Each provider that goes through this evaluation must have at least one developer, architect, and business analyst pass specific tests and the license must be renewed each year to ensure the company is keeping up with the newest standards of the platform.

In short, you’ll find that almost every provider that has a partner tier also holds a professional services certification. The difference in tiers usually comes down to the longevity of a service partner. As a service partner delivers more and more client success and the longer they’re in business, the likelier they are to move up in the tier rankings.

What Can a UiPath Partner Offer that Other Service Companies Can’t?

Although it’s true that any RPA company will likely be able to work in the UiPath platform, a UiPath partner is going to deliver the maximum potential of the platform. By becoming a certified business partner with UiPath, a service provider will have access to resources and knowledge that a non-partner won’t.

UiPath is a multi-faceted platform with tons of features and functionalities. It can create comprehensive, end-to-end automations for just about every industry. By utilizing UiPath’s most powerful development tools, you can truly optimize processes at every level of your business, making a huge impact on your success metrics. The more proficient your service provider is at working in the platform, the more effective your automations will be. And more effective automations means a bigger return on investment. A UiPath partner will ensure that every workflow and process you automate through the platform will be performing at peak capacity.

Trusting someone to automate the important parts of your business isn’t a decision you should leave to chance. Trusting a UiPath partner makes certain that your trust is placed in a provider that has consistently delivered success to their clients.

Trusting Bailey with your UiPath Needs

As a professional certified UiPath partner, Bailey is able to provide you with the best UiPath has to offer. Our team of UiPath experts includes developers, architects, business analysts, and consultants. In short, we provide a solution to every UiPath service you could possibly need. Our advanced level of knowledge working in the UiPath platform allows us to take a holistic approach to automation and create the ideal solution for your specific automation wants and needs. When you trust Bailey with your UiPath integration, we don’t take that trust lightly. We take our passion and expertise and put it toward delivering success for your company.

Working with Bailey

Here at Bailey, we live, sleep, and breathe automation. As automation geeks, we actually enjoy the complexities and complications of developing enterprise-level automation integrations. When you work with Bailey, you’re not simply hiring a service provider, you’re hiring a partner who will work with you at every step of the process, from initial consultation to development to ongoing support after integration. Each company comes with its own unique set of needs and challenges they want to solve with automation, so we always take a fresh approach to finding you the best solution for your company. Not just a one-size-fits all. There’s no trying to fit a square peg in a round hole when it comes to our automation solutions. We’ll always work to find the best and most effective fit for you.

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