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UiPath is such a versatile platform that you can automate just about any process or workflow. The trouble businesses face is how best to automate it and how to program bots to do the work in the most effective and efficient manner. With the help of a Bailey UiPath developer, this isn’t something you have to concern yourself with. Whatever kind of UiPath automation you need, our developers can deliver.

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What Does a UiPath Developer Do?

A UiPath developer is who will build your automations in UiPath from the ground up. They have the knowledge and expertise to create unattended, attended, and hybrid bots based on your needs. With their in-depth mastery of the UiPath platform, they know how to optimize the bots and implement the automations as seamlessly as possible. From the simplest to the most complex automation, they can take care of it. Their primary skills will be in UiPath’s tools for Document Understanding, AI Computer Vision, and combining RPA and AI. Their command of the UiPath development tools ensure they’ll create the best version of any automation for you.

Use Cases

The UiPath platform wears many hats. Here are some of the most common use cases for UiPath:

Accounting Automation

UiPath can automate many of the most arduous aspects of accounting and finance. With proper UiPath automations integrated in your accounting department, you can streamline invoice processing, customer onboarding, logistics, accounts payable, compliance, and much more. Give hours back to your accounting department and empower them to work on strategy and other big picture tactics, instead of the grueling day-to-day tasks.

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HR Automation

You’ll see a huge return on investment when you implement UiPath in your HR department. Give your HR team more time than ever to focus on making your company a better place to work with various automations for payroll, onboarding, benefits, training, talent acquisitions, and more.

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Healthcare Automation

Automation has become nearly essential for the healthcare sector. With the amount of claims that need to be processed every day, manual workflows are no longer a good option. Thanks to UiPath, you can avoid errors, automatically process claims, and so much more.

IT Automation

Your IT team can easily become overburdened with daily tasks and lose the time to spend improving your infrastructure. But with UiPath, they don’t have to ever fall behind and tread water again. Your bots, unlike your IT team, can constantly run and automate tasks behind-the-scenes so your team doesn’t have to. This will also lead to a massive reduction in errors. In addition, UiPath has accessible tools for your IT team to make adjustments to their automations as needed. Let your IT team get back to the strategic work they signed up for. UiPath can take care of the rest.

Customer Contact Automation

UiPath can automate many aspects of the customer service experience. Not only can you implement chatbots and voicebots to reduce agent workload, you can also automate information processing to help agents assist and handle customers better.

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These use cases are extremely common UiPath solutions, but they’re just scratching the surface. The power of UiPath is how versatile the development tools it offers are. The right developer can create and automate hundreds of use cases.

The UiPath Development Process

Here at Bailey, we take a comprehensive and holistic approach to UiPath development. Our multi-phased process will help us assess your wants and needs and give you the best service possible. Here is what you can expect when you work with Bailey:

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Phase One: Opportunity Assessment and Consultation

First, we need to figure out what your wants and needs for automation are. We will assess the opportunities for implementing UiPath, determine the feasibility of automation for your company, and consult you on what kind of impact UiPath can make.

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Phase Two: Departmental Analysis and Strategy

In the next phase of our process, we will do an in-depth analysis of each department where you want to implement automations. This allows us to determine the pain points for your teams and come up with the best solutions. Once we’ve finished our analysis and research gathering, we can present you with a strategy for development and implementation.

Phase Three: Development

In Phase 3 of our process, we do what we do best. Create optimized and impressive automation solutions on the UiPath platform. We rigorously test our automations so they’re ready for a seamless transition into your company.

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Phase Four: Deployment and Integration

We deploy and implement the workflows and automations we’ve developed. You get to start reaping the benefits of investing in automation for your business.

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Phase Five: Reporting

We provide ongoing reports to show you how automation is transforming your business. In addition, we’re here to offer any support needed and answer any questions you may have.

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Phase One: Opportunity Assessment and Consultation

presentation with success charts

Phase Two: Departmental Analysis and Strategy

Phase Three: Development

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Phase Four: Deployment and Integration

expert giving a presentation

Phase Five: Reporting

What Bailey Brings to the Table

Bailey has made our name by providing impactful and effective automation services to a wide variety of industries. No matter your automation needs, Bailey has an expert that can provide amazing service. For UiPath, we’ve become a certified UiPath partner in order to better serve the needs of our clients who want to go the UiPath route. Our knowledge allows us to determine if UiPath is the best way for you or if there’s a better alternative for your company.

Learn more about our UiPath Partner status

Meet Our UiPath Developers

Our developer team lives and breathes UiPath. Meet some of the friendly faces you might be working with on your next UiPath project.

Elijah V.

How’s it going? I’m Elijah, and development is my passion. When I got into automation development, I saw how promising UiPath could be and my passion for it grew from there. When I’m not developing on UiPath, I’m usually trying to get on the leaderboard in Call of Duty.


Tyson Q.

Hey there, I’m Tyson. I love to cook and bake, even though I’m not so great at it yet. Unlike my newly found hobby of ruining food, my years of experience in RPA development have helped me create amazing solutions for a variety of companies. UiPath specifically is my favorite platform to develop on. I hope to show you what it can do for you.


Rahul T.

Hey there, I’m Rahul. Recently, I’ve become pretty obsessed with drone photography, but that’s definitely not my only nerdy passion. I also love developing and coding. The UiPath platform is so exciting to me because there’s so much potential and versatility with what you can do in it. It’s truly exciting to see how it changes every layer of a company.


Mia P.

Mia here. When I’m not working on developing something in UiPath, I try to keep things pretty laid back. My free time is usually spent with my cats and my boyfriend, eating some cereal, and watching game shows on Saturday morning. With UiPath, I’m empowered to make creative and versatile solutions for so many businesses. Let’s see how we can automate your processes.

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