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UiPath is the right automation platform for an array of businesses out there. But is it the right platform for your business? That’s a good question to ask. There are so many automation solutions out there, and many of them are very useful, so it can be tough deciding on what’s right for your company. With the guidance of a UiPath business analyst, you won’t have to guess. Implementing end-to-end automation is a big decision for any business to make. A business analyst can ensure you make the right decision. Here at Bailey, our UiPath business analysts have experience in numerous industries. Let us guide you in the right direction.

Hire a UiPath Business Analyst with Bailey

Why Hire a UiPath Business Analyst?

As a business owner, you have countless decisions to make on a daily basis. Any pressure you can take out of that decision making is going to be helpful. End-to-end automation at an enterprise level might be one of the biggest decisions you make. When you use a UiPath business analyst to help you make an informed decision, the weight of that decision becomes a lot lighter.

Of course, helping you decide if UiPath is the way to go isn’t the only facet of a business analyst’s job. They’ll be able to take a top-down look at your company and show you all the departments that can use automation, how they connect, and how feasible any of your automation ideas are.

In short, a UiPath business analyst takes all of the guesswork out of your automation integration. You get to feel confident that you’re moving your business in the right direction and that you’ll get a maximum ROI on your automation platform.

Solutions by Industry

One of the best parts about working with a UiPath business analyst is that you have access to their expansive knowledge of automation integration in different industries. As experienced analysts, they’ve worked in multitudes of industries, seeing how automation works in them and how it can make an impact. Here are just a few of the industries that can benefit from utilizing UiPath:

business building


The retail and consumer packaged goods industry has already been radically changed by technology in the past few decades. As one of the fastest industries to adopt new technologies, the retail industry has fully embraced automation. With UiPath, you’re able to automate nearly every layer of the retail industry. RPA with UiPath can be implemented in the supply chain, to create more effective sales analytics, to track trade promotions, to streamline R&D and marketing for new products, and so much more.

hospital building


With the immense amount of tedious administrative tasks that come with the territory in healthcare, automation is the obvious solution. Using UiPath, nearly all of these arduous, time-consuming tasks can be automated. Not only that, but human error can be nearly eliminated entirely. This means automation of processes like appointment scheduling, claims processing, patient file entry, data entry, and billing. Automation is revolutionizing the way healthcare is done.

bank building


In the finance industry, compliance and regulatory errors can cost tons of time and money. With UiPath, the banking and finance sector can automate everything from compliance backlogs to online sales. Human error will no longer bottleneck your bank or financial service with the implementation of RPA.

factory building


The manufacturing industry is no stranger to robots. Speeding up assembly lines and making them safer is par for the course using physical robots. Now, the manufacturing industry is able to automate the office and operational workflows thanks to UiPath automation. Manufacturers can streamline logistics, inventory management, accounts receivable and payable, custom interactions, and more with the power of RPA.

Public Services

Automation in the public sector is quickly changing how public service workers are able to work for their community. By automating key administrative tasks, public service employees can spend far less time on paperwork and more time changing their community for the better.

The above industries are just scratching the surface of what UiPath can do. Industries like BPO, BPA, insurance, telecom, and more can benefit from UiPath. If you don’t see your industry listed, that doesn’t mean UiPath isn’t your solution. A UiPath business analyst will be able to quickly determine the feasibility of implementing UiPath in your industry.

Projections and Reports

When you use the services of one of our UiPath business analysts, the first thing we’ll do is assess your business and see what kind of impact automation can make. With detailed reports and projections, we can show you the potential of automation in your company, applied to your processes. In addition, after we develop and implement a UiPath solution for you, we will continue to supply performance reports to show you the success metrics of your automations and your overall ROI.

Why Choose Bailey?

When it comes to choosing a UiPath business analyst, you want to make sure to choose a provider with a proven level of success and a commitment to bringing you the same success. As a UiPath partner, Bailey will provide only the highest levels of service. We bring collective years of expertise and industry knowledge to the table. When you work with Bailey, you can rest assured that you’ll get a fully custom-tailored automation solution that fully meets the needs and wants you lay out for a UiPath implementation.

Meet our Analysts

Our UiPath business analysts combine their industry expertise with their knowledge of the UiPath platform to help you make the best decisions possible. Meet some of our awesome team below.

Merrick G.

Hello there, I’m Merrick. As a business analyst for UiPath, I know exactly whether or not UiPath is right for a business or industry. You don’t want to get a bad fit for automation, and it’s my job to make sure that doesn’t happen. In my spare time, I’m a big fan of pickleball and bocce ball. I even built a bocce set in my yard this summer!


Anders B.

Good to meet you, I’m Anders! In my free time, I usually like to ride my racing bike. I haven’t entered any races yet, but this year I’m training for my first! As a UiPath business analyst, I’m able to get the lay of the land in your business and help you see how UiPath might be the best solution for you and how it’ll look once it’s implemented.


Kaia S.

Hi, I’m Kaia. UiPath is such an amazing platform that many companies want to make sure it’s the right fit for them. As a business analyst, I can help you find that out for your company. When I’m not working as a business analyst, I like to sample the newest restaurants in the city. I live in NYC so there’s always something new to try.


Isabella L.

I’m Isabella and I love helping businesses on their UiPath journey. It’s extremely rewarding to take a top-down look at a business and analyze if UiPath is the right direction for them to take. When I’m not helping companies in this regard, you can usually find me perusing the shelves at my local record shop. I’m a big collector of vinyl, so I love to add to it when I can.

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