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UiPath is one of the most user-friendly automation platforms out there, but the backend implementations can get complicated. The architecture of your automations and workflows are an important consideration when building out your automation infrastructure. If you’re connecting automations to the cloud, third-party APIs, or just trying to optimize the way your UiPath is currently working, a UiPath architect is your solution. Here at Bailey, our architects have a unique mastery of the software and will be able to make sure your UiPath is working the way you want it to.

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Automating Your Enterprise

When you set out to automate your entire enterprise, you have to consider how automation touches every layer and department of your business. In order to have automations run smoothly and talk to other systems, your architecture needs to be structurally sound. Think of your automation architecture as a communication network. Each step of the workflow needs to communicate with the proper data sources and systems to operate smoothly. Departments are often pulling information from other departments. And, of course, you have third-party APIs that are inevitably baked into the way you do business. The last thing you need is one component of this intricate web tripping up the other steps. A good UiPath architect will ensure that everything is humming along.

Cloud Infrastructure

UiPath allows for RPA integration with cloud infrastructures. In fact, UiPath even offers their SaaS UiPath Automation cloud to make infrastructure easy for enterprise-level businesses. However, if you’re wanting to use your choice of cloud service with UiPath, or even do a combination of their SaaS with your cloud, then a UiPath Architect can make that happen for you.

Whether you want to use SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, or a multi-cloud hybrid, Bailey can get you there. Cloud RPA infrastructure should be versatile and intuitive, so don’t get bogged down in the details. Let an architect take care of things for you.

The Benefits of an Architect

A UiPath architect will make it their mission to peel back the layers of your automation structure and find the best way for everything to work. UiPath is an extremely robust and adaptable platform. If you can dream of an automation, it can most likely do it. But when your infrastructure becomes exceedingly complicated, are you able to manage it on your own? If not, an architect offers plenty of benefits with their unique expertise, such as:

Custom and Third-Party API Connection and Integration

Chances are that you’ll need to connect a variety of third party APIs, data sources, and systems to your UiPath platform. A UiPath architect can make sure these are all integrated seamlessly and don’t interrupt the flow of your business.

finding best path to automation


An architect can look at every facet of your automation pipeline, find weaknesses and bottlenecks, and fix them. They’ll identify the most efficient and optimized way for your automations to operate, so you don’t have to.

Automation Apps

You may not know that a UiPath app could bring some of your workflows or automations to the next level. Using the UiPath development tools, our architects can create intuitive and highly impactful UiPath apps to strengthen and quicken your automation infrastructure.

Full automation of your enterprise requires a deft hand and an eye for efficiency. The skills of a UiPath architect puts them in the unique position to be able to ensure your entire automation and workflow pipeline is running like a well-oiled machine.

Choosing Bailey to Create Your Infrastructure

You wouldn’t trust just anyone with the workflows of your business. After all, a misfire in the automation pipeline can lead to slow-downs and problems for your employees and departments. Errors with your UiPath defeat the purpose of automation. Your platform is supposed to make things exponentially easier and faster. Your UiPath platform is meant to make a positive impact on your business without disrupting your normal operations. When you work with a UiPath architect at Bailey, this is a possibility that you don’t have to entertain. They’ll ensure your infrastructure is in a position to run at peak performance and efficiency.

As a UiPath certified partner, we have the platform’s trust to help businesses transform their enterprise. Our clients can expect us to make a huge and nearly instantaneous impact upon deployment of our services. That’s why you can trust Bailey for your UiPath services.

Meet Our UiPath Architects

Our Bailey UiPath architects have intimate knowledge on the ins and outs of the platform, what makes it tick, and how to optimize the automation paths. Meet some of our team below.

Zane N.

Hey, I’m Zane. Many companies are surprised to learn that they’re actually not getting the most out of their UiPath automations. Once they see what good architecture can do, they’re shocked at how much smoother their operations run! When I’m not working on UiPath, you’ll find me with a bag of popcorn, some M&Ms, and probably watching Lord of the Rings for the 100th time.


Everett S.

Hello, I’m Everett! People often underestimate the power of good UiPath architecture. As a UiPath architect, I make sure that all of your operations are running the best they can. Of course, I’m not always knee-deep in UiPath infrastructure. I also like writing songs on my keyboard and playing with my synthwave band on the weekends.


Ira J.

Nice to meet you, I’m Ira. As an avid craft-maker in my free time, you could say that I like to see how things are built and the best way to do it. That translates pretty well with my job as a UiPath architect. I can find the best way to connect automations on your UiPath platform and ensure everything is communicating smoothly.


Ava E.

Hi, I’m Ava. UiPath can do so many things, that many people just set up as many automations as they can without considering that these automations can actually perform better with a solid infrastructure. It’s great to bring those platforms to the next level. When I’m working on automations, I like playing Nintendo Switch with my kids. We particularly like Super Smash Bros.

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