RPA Services: Use our Bailey's Full Suite of Services to Fully Harness the Impact of Robotic Process Automation in Your Organization

Robotic process automation is the future when it comes to how companies optimize their processes and workflows. RPA has the ability to greatly increase employee productivity, employee happiness, customer satisfaction, and gross margins. These improvements will allow you to better compete for customers, investors, and employees.

With that being said, RPA can be difficult to start utilizing, especially on a large scale. This is why we rolled out our comprehensive suite of RPA service. We offer a full range of services engineered to help your business reap all of the benefits of robotic process automation without any of the difficulty and in a fraction of the time.

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The Benefits of Working with Bailey

When seeking RPA services, the best way to guarantee best in class solutions and services is to work with an RPA agency. Bailey is a premier automation agency that offers an array of RPA services to ensure businesses, like yours, are able to get custom, tailor-made solutions to meet all your automation goals and needs. When you work with Bailey, you'll be enlisting a team of experts who never compromise on quality, who have a vast array of experience across a variety of industries, and who will be able to devise and implement automation that maximizes its impact on your company.


How Can RPA Impact My Business, Department, or Team?

Before we get into specific services, you might be wondering what exactly robotic process automation does for your business. That's a great question. Robotic process automation, or RPA, utilizes the power of robotics and artificial intelligence to take complex processes and make them simple. Processes that once sucked hours and hours of productivity can be performed in seconds and in many cases can operate 24/7 without any human intervention. Workflows that previously caused obstacles for your employees can now be beneficial to their every day processes. RPA can completely transform the way things are done and lead to huge benefits like increases in profit and revenue, improvements in employee happiness, increases customer satisfaction, company growth, and much more. In short, it brings your business into the future.

Here are some of the powerful RPA services we offer here at Bailey:

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RPA Developers

Artificial intelligence and machine learning may seem like complicated implementations, but an RPA developer will be able to handle these with ease. A developer will be able to design, create, and implement RPA solutions that fit perfectly into your current workflows and processes. With the help of a developer, you can truly get fully customized automation solutions that will maximize the potential of each of your processes.

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RPA Service Providers

An RPA service provider will help you quickly adapt RPA technology to your business. When you work with Bailey as your RPA service provider, you can expect services such as RPA opportunity assessment, strategy mapping, bot development and optimization, full RPA implementation, and of course, continuous support. They'll help you unlock the power of RPA and bring your visions for automation in your company to life.

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RPA Consultants

When it comes to mapping out the processes and paths to implementation, there is no one better suited than an RPA consultant. A consultant is able to learn how a company is already operating and what types of automation they need to fully harness the capabilities of robotic processing automation. Furthermore, they'll be able to map out the path to implementation and RPA deployment, and can actually perform the implementations for you, meaning you get the quickest path to full automation possible.

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RPA Agency

Our RPA agency takes all of the guesswork out of automation. When you work with Bailey as your agency, you'll get a team that knows the ins and outs of every automation software. Your agency team will also have industry specific expertise to best serve your business. Hiring a contractor can work for quick one-and-done projects, but for a project that you want to be scalable, impactful, and highly effective, our agency is the right solution.

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RPA Experts and RPA Advisors

RPA experts have a full handle on robotic process automation and how it works. If you're tackling a big or small automation process, an RPA expert will be able to help you figure out how automation can be applied to those processes, projects, or workflows.Once you've implemented robotic process automation in your company, it's natural that you'll want to continue to implement automation in future processes and expand your current capabilities as your company grows. RPA advisors will be able to offer you solutions and advice on how to restructure your current automations to meet your growing business. They'll also be able to advise on what new processes need to be implemented when you add additional departments, processes, or projects.

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Bailey offers our RPA services because we truly believe in the power of automation and we know what solutions are best. When you partner with Bailey, you can rest assured that you'll be working with the best developers, consultants, experts, and advisors in the business.


Case Studies

There are plenty of real-life examples of companies seeing extremely positive outcomes from implementing RPA in their processes. Here are a few examples of companies benefiting from automation.

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A Service Provider for Major Healthcare Organizations Reduces Costs and Increases Productivity

With the power of automation, a service provider for major healthcare organizations was able to automate processes that take care of cash flow, debt collection, payments of invoices, and much more. They were also able to quickly collect and aggregate data from large databases. What was once a process that would take multiple hours from multiple employees now was able to happen in seconds with no human intervention.

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A Credit and Debit Processing Agency Serves Is Able to Serve Clients Much Faster and More Efficiently

A credit and debit card agency that serves many retail clients was able to quickly onboard clients thanks to automation. Not only that, but they were able to offer enhanced client relationship management and customer support with automation. Originally, point of sale systems would have to be reset manually and customer support relied on a large team of agents. With RPA these processes could be done quickly and remotely, and a team of customer service bots was able to answer most questions that clients would have. This allowed employees to have more time to give clients focused, individual attention.

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A Financial Service Provider for Businesses Offers Unbeatable Service to Their Clients

A leading provider of financial services to other businesses was able to save thousands of employee hours per year thanks to automation. With processing time cut in half for 15 different processes, they were able to spend much more time on billable hours and actually helping clients with meaningful support.

Using Bailey for Your RPA Services

As a full-service RPA agency, you can guarantee that you're in good hands when you choose Bailey for your RPA services. Bailey brings massive value to any company that we partner with. Whether you're a company with 500 employees or a company with over 500,000 employees, we can scale automation to meet your vision and help you fully realize the capabilities of RPA for your industry.

Our experienced staff brings years of expertise to the table, working in a variety of industries and every automation software. Whether you want to work with UIPath, Automation Anywhere, or any other platform, our team can handle it. If you're looking for someone completely custom, we provide that as well. When you choose Bailey, you're choosing the best in the business.

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RPA 101

If you're interested in RPA for your business, but you're not quite sure what it entails, it's good to get a baseline knowledge of the technology. Of course, when you partner with Bailey, our team is happy to explain anything or answer any question, but if you'd like to get a better idea before getting in touch, here are some basic facets of robotic process automation:

How RPA Works?

In simple terms, robotic process automation is essentially bots using a combination of artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate tasks and processes that would normally require human interaction.


Once an RPA process is in place, it can run processes much faster and without error than a human user would be able to. At first glance, it might seem like this wouldn't be hugely impactful, but the fact is that RPA can make a much bigger impact than most people would expect. When RPA is implemented properly, it can greatly reduce costs, increase profits, reduce errors, increase productivity, make employees and customers happier, and much more.

Industries that Use RPA

Most industries can reap the benefits of robotic process automation. Here are just a few of the industries where it is commonly implemented:

bank building

Financial Institutions

hospital building


energy cycle




paper with clip


factory building


barrel of oil

Oil and Energy



multiple office buildings

Real Estate

ship sailing the sea

And Many More

Use Cases

The use cases of RPA are countless and it can be customized to fit your company's current platforms and processes. Here are a just a few of the processes that can be immensely improved by robotic process automation:

employees shaking hands

Employee Onboarding

timed shipment

Shipment Scheduling

magnifying glass tracking


money in envelope

Simpler Payroll Operations

star shining

Better Customer Experience

employee offering service

Steamlined Hiring Process

data in the cloud

Data Management

vendor shaking hands

Vendor Onboarding and Maintenance

data being collected


gears moving

And So Much More

Meet the Minds Behind the Services

By hiring a diverse, talented, and dedicated team of developers, experts, advisors, and consultants, Bailey is able to offer RPA services that always exceed expectations. Meet some of the minds behind our quality services below:

katie photo

Katie R.

Katie here! In my free time I watch way too many true crime shows and listen to way too many true crime podcasts. In my professional life I create bot armies using RPA and unleashing them to help businesses maximize their potential. With my 6 years of RPA development experience, I’ve been able to make a big impact on an array of industries. If you’re ready to see what RPA can do for your business, I’m ready to show you.

bill photo

William S.

Hi, I’m William. My three favorite things are my basset hound puppies, virtual reality, and helping businesses find their path to automation. My 5 years of experience in RPA have shown me how powerful it can be. I’m excited to show you the possibilities of RPA as well.

raj photo

Raj R.

Hello there, I’m Raj! My hobbies can be summed up in a few words: mountain biking, bollywood music, and, of course, showing businesses how they can get the most out of automation. My 5 years of experience in RPA consulting has shown me that it’s definitely the future of productivity. I can’t wait to take a look at your business and figure out how best to implement automation.

ted photo

Ted M.

Hey, I’m Ted! If I’m not at my desk optimizing bots and helping businesses harness the power of automation, I’m usually hanging out at local breweries or eating at the newest restaurant. With over 5 years of RPA experience under my belt, I’m able to help businesses optimize every team and department they have. I hope to be able to do the same for your business.

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