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Widespread industry adaptation and the evolution of robotic process automation has left many businesses looking for ways to adopt and implement this technology as soon as possible. Bailey saw that people needed help and we answered the call. As RPA becomes more prevalent in a variety of industries, make sure that you don't get left behind. With Bailey as your RPA service provider, you can propel your business to the future and bring your automation visions to life. We'll help you fully realize all your automation needs and truly unlock the power of RPA.

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What to Expect from an RPA Service Provider?

Working with our RPA service provider will be a simple and seamless experience from your end. We're here to make the lives of you and your employees much easier, not the other way around. When you work with our form of RPA service provider, here are just a few of the services you can expect them to perform:

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RPA Assessment and Strategy Mapping

The first thing our RPA service provider will be able to do is identify any RPA opportunities for both new and existing processes. If there's nothing to work with, which doesn't happen often, they won't waste your time. Once opportunities have been identified, they can quickly map out strategies for implementation.

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Bot Development, Testing, and Optimization

Here at Bailey, we develop our bots to work with your systems. We implement a comprehensive testing plan before full implementation to ensure maximum performance. Our systems quickly learn the way you do things. This lets us further optimize it to make sure you're getting the highest return on your investment possible from your RPA efforts.

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Full Implementation Services

Once our bots are trained and know your processes inside and out, we offer full implementation. We cut the typical implementation time in half, so your normal work flows have minimal interruptions and so your business and employees can immediately start taking advantage of the benefits you'll reap from robotic process automation.

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Continuous Support

Our RPA service doesn't just leave you and your company to fend for themselves after implementation. At Bailey, we offer continuous support to help you with any post-implementation questions you may have, assist you with scaling your processes when necessary, and being there for you in the future when your growing company requires new automations.

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Who Benefits from an RPA Service Provider?

When RPA was first emerging, large manufacturing operations, healthcare, and other similar industries were the only ones who really had the resources to implement robotic process automation. As RPA has evolved, its applications and capabilities have become much more vast and robust. Now, most types of businesses, in just about any industry, can benefit from partnering with our RPA service provider and utilizing robotic process automation technology. Here are just a few industries that heavily utilize RPA processes:

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Banking and Finance

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Utility Companies



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eCommerce and Retail

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And Many More

Let Bailey Show You What Automation Can Do for Your Industry

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Why Choose Bailey for Your RPA
Service Needs?

When it comes to choosing an RPA service provider, it's essential to choose one that offers you extensive experience, best in class service and solutions, and flexibility. Bailey meets all of these parameters and more. We've worked in a variety of industries, with businesses that have as little as 500 employees all the way up to businesses with over 500,000 employees. Our RPA team has experience with UlPath, Automation Anywhere, and many more top automation platforms. In addition, we know that automation isn't a one size fits all solution. If you need something custom, we have you covered there too. Bailey doesn't just meet expectations, we won't be satisfied until we exceed them and make the biggest possible impact on your business.

We've built trust in a variety of industries through our work. Businesses both big and small who have worked with Bailey have seen extremely positive outcomes and we've helped their RPA visions become reality. When you work with Bailey, we promise you the same outstanding results.

Meet Bailey's Best in Class Service Team

An RPA service provider lives and dies with the abilities of its team. Here at Bailey, we choose a diverse set of RPA experts, developers, and consultants to best meet the needs of our clients. When you partner with Bailey, you'll have a member of our team best suited to your industry assigned to you. This means you'll always have their utmost attention and expertise available to you. Meet some of the members of our team below:

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Pedro H.

Hi, I'm Pedro. My house is always a bit hectic since I run a pet fostering service. Otherwise my calling as an RPA specialist keeps me plenty busy. At Bailey, we’re able to provide a wide range of RPA services, which is a constantly thrilling part of being in the company. It allows us to be truly dynamic with the amount of good we can do for your business.

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Oscar W.

Hello, I'm Oscar! For fun I love looking through people’s old clothes. Not in their houses of course, at my favorite thrift shops. With over 4 years of working in automations, Bailey has definitely been the place where I’ve been able to make the most difference for companies. If you want to see how amazing RPA can be, let’s get to work implementing it in your business.

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Ramesh M.

Hi, I'm Ramesh. To me there’s not many things better than kicking back on a calm lake and fishing with my son. Not many RPA service providers can match the amount of versatility we have here at Bailey. With my 3 years and counting or RPA experience, I’ve helped various companies find the path to automation. Let’s make sure your company is the next to benefit.

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Lara R.

Hi there, I'm Lara! On nice sunny days, you might find me out at sea on my sailboat with my husband. Otherwise I’m hard at work on automations. At Bailey, we can provide the highest levels of service to the companies we work with. It’s been a very rewarding experience and I can’t wait to continue to offer that same level of service to your company. Let’s work together and get those results.

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When you partner with Bailey as your RPA service provider, you'll quickly be able to see impactful positive outcomes from your automation solutions. We strive to not only offer best in class solutions, but best in class customer service. When you work with Bailey, you'll always have personalized solutions tailored to help your business leverage RPA to its maximum potential. So, ready to learn more about what Bailey can do for your business? Just fill out the form below and we'll get in touch with you right away.

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