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Robotic process automation has fast become a tool that most businesses can greatly benefit from. For many it's a secret weapon in today's fast-paced environment. For those who want to get the most out of RPA, an RPA developer is the solution. An experienced RPA developer at Bailey can launch the efficiency and efficacy of your business's operations into the stratosphere. If you want to leverage the capabilities of robotic process automation and know what you want to accomplish, a developer is by far the best path to take.

RPA can be complicated, so putting your business processes in the hands of experts ensures that you'll reap all of the benefits without any of the guesswork. Our developers will help you do what you want to do with advanced automation.

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What is RPA and How Is It Used?

To understand the immense benefits of robotic process automation, it's good to have a baseline familiarity with the technology. Robotic process automation, commonly shortened to RPA, is the implementation of bots, artificial intelligence, and even machine learning into a system. Once these are implemented, they automate the processes within the system and don't require human intervention from that point on. This is highly advantageous for businesses, often leading to an array of improved metrics which we'll discuss below.

How an RPA Developer Can Leverage the Power of Automation for Your Business

If you're looking to leverage the power of robotic process automation in your business, the best way to go about it is with the help of a professional RPA developer. An RPA developer will be able to use RPA to create powerful tools for our business, which will result in benefits like improved customer service, happier and more motivated employees, operational process optimization, scalable processes for growing businesses, and much more. Here are just a few ways that RPA is commonly used in the business world:

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Integrations of Important Systems

An RPA developer can implement automations in existing platforms and workflow, even if there isn't an existing API available. Automation can enhance facets of your CRM, your CMS, or any other platform your company regularly uses. A developer can find the best way to integrate RPA and find a way to maximize the potential of these platforms and APIs to meet the goals of your company.

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Documentation Automation

If your company deals with moving, copying, storing, or inputting large quantities of data, an RPA developer can take all of the headache out of these processes. Robotic process automation is able to recognize the types of documents, learn to scan and capture the most important fields, and document and organize critical information. All of this is done automatically without the need for human intervention.

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Elimination of Repetition

RPA is effective at any level of your company. Employees will be able to eliminate repetition in their workflows with the power of automation. RPA developers will be able to find and simplify workflows for employees in every department of your company, making their lives easier and giving them more time to do the work that adds the most value to the enterprise.

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Scalability for Automated Processes

Automation is fully scalable when an RPA developer is able to be there for every step of implementation. They can make sure that your processes will scale with your business as it grows and that you're ready to leverage RPA in any new processes that arise as a result of the company's growth.

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Metrics for Automated Processes

An RPA developer can ensure that you're receiving actionable reports on your automated processes every step of the way. Metrics will allow you to see what your automations are doing for you and how they're impacting your business.

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The RPA Development Process

Here at Bailey, we use our proprietary Bailey bot technology to maximize the potential of RPA. Our proven process will ensure that we find the best opportunities possible for RPA in your company.

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Opportunity Assessment

First, the potential of automation in your company must be determined.

Our RPA developers will check your workflows for automation opportunities, measure the potential ROI for implementation, and identify any potential for new and existing processes.

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Process Mapping and Problem Identification

Once opportunities have been identified, the new automated processes will be fully mapped out and any problems in current workflows will be identified and solved with advanced RPA solutions.

Once the processes are aligned with goals and needs, we move on to implementation.

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Implementation and Deployment

Bailey's RPA developers will enact the plan quickly and seamlessly, allowing you to deploy your new automated processes without interrupting your business flow.

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It's important that we're transparent with the companies we work with, so Bailey will provide ongoing performance reports that will allow you to get a full picture of how much RPA is helping your business.

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Our Bailey bot will learn your company inside and out, analyze processes, and provide us with any potential optimizations to maximize the ROI for your automations.

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Opportunity Assessment

presentation with success charts

Process Mapping and
Problem Identification

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Implementation and

report showing upward trend


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Industries that Utilize Robotic Process Automation

There are a vast multitude of industries that can benefit from RPA. Here are just a few industries that are actively using robotic process automation today:



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Real Estate

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hospital building






bank building

Financial Institutions

business building

Retail and eCommerce

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And Many More


Why You Can Trust Bailey

Here at Bailey, our RPA developers have been honing their automation experience since 2016. We've worked in a wide variety of industries and helped a diverse set of businesses unlock the power of RPA. We've worked with companies as small as 500 employees all the way to companies with over 500,000 employees. Whether you need a large scale automation integration or a more department-specific automation, our developers will be able to create a solution for you. We're able to work with any existing software or API, or we can create a custom one specifically for your organization. When you work with Bailey, you're working with the best.

Meet Our Team of RPA Developers

Bailey's team of top class RPA developers are standing by and ready to help you leverage custom RPA in your company. Our team has years of experience in a wide variety of industries pushing the envelope of what's possible and will be able to find the best path to RPA for your company.

Tyerone photo

Tyerone L.

Hi, I'm Tyerone! I’m a huge fitness enthusiast and I love to update my followers on my fitness blog. With over 5 years of experience developing with RPA, I’ve seen that automation is truly the future. Most businesses can benefit from automation and I’m excited to show you how it can help your business.

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Ryan R.

Hello, I'm Ryan. I don’t have a ton of free time, but the little free time I have I love indulging my interior design side and remodeling houses. RPA development is one of my biggest passions, because automation is truly a business-revolutionizing technology. Let us show you exactly what automation can do for your business.

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rohan photo

Rohan P.

Nice to meet you, I'm Rohan. I like playing the sax, I love heading to the local jazz club even more. But ever since I started my career in RPA development, I haven’t been able to get over what a positive effect it has on businesses. I look forward to figuring out what awesome chances automation can make for your business.

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Angelina H.

Hi there, I'm Angelina! My guilty pleasures include reality TV and eating a whole tray of sugar cookies every Friday. When talking about the best way to grow businesses, the first thing that always comes to mind for me is automation. It’s truly an amazing and versatile technology, and with my RPA development experience, I love helping bring that tech to growing businesses.

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