Custom API Integration Services: Seamlessly Connect Everything You Need with a Custom API

In a business world that is increasingly being driven by technology, businesses often need infrastructure that allows them to connect their databases to their employee and client-facing applications. There are several services, like Zapier, that can connect basic APIs, but what if your business needs something more proprietary and robust? In this case, you need a custom API and custom API integration services. Bailey can help.

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What Can a Custom API Do?

For the non-technical, you might be wondering how a custom API works and what it can do for your business. API stands for application programming interface. In short, it’s how different components of application software communicate. A quick example would be a hotel reservation system. When a user inputs the dates they want to stay at your hotel, your reservation system talks to your database and figures out if those dates are available, what rooms they can book, and what price they’ll pay. Custom APIs are used across a wide variety of industries, and they’re often an ideal solution for your business if you have applications that need to connect to each other and communicate with your databases.

Why Choose Bailey?

Bailey’s extensive work in a variety of industries lends us the ability to make a significant impact on your business by creating and implementing custom API solutions that are optimized to work smoothly. When Bailey creates an API solution for you, we work with you to understand your exact wants and needs for the end product. We can troubleshoot anything for you and continue to help you with optimizations when you need to scale up. Bailey builds custom APIs that are future-proof, so that you can stay on top of the needs of your business as it grows.

Our Custom API Integration Services

Here are custom API Integration services that Bailey provides:

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API Development

If your business needs a fast, reliable, and secure API, then a Bailey API developer can help. We offer development services for any type of custom API that you might need. Whether you need something that connects your internal services with client services or something that works for your own internal use, we have you covered. API development involves the actual development of your API, publishing and documenting your API for you, ensuring that implementation and deployment goes smoothly, and any maintenance or optimizations that you may need in the future.

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API Programming

Already have an API built but need it to run better? Our API programming service can help you clean up your custom API, fix anything that isn’t running at an optimal level, and make adjustments for you to ensure your API is reliable and secure. API optimization and programming can be difficult, so make sure you trust the professionals to make sure the problem is solved instead of getting worse.

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API Architecture

The architecture of your API is what defines the relationship between your applications and software components. A weak architecture can lead to your APIs running suboptimally or even worse, causing issues on the client-facing side. An API architect can make sure the building blocks and infrastructure of your custom API are streamlined and optimized for the needs of your business. Whether you utilize Rest, GraphQL, or any other type of API architecture, our team of API architects can ensure that everything is humming along under the hood.

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API Consulting

If APIs are a foreign world to you, you don’t have to try and navigate the ins and outs without help. Our API consultants can analyze your business processes and precisely identify where custom APIs can make the biggest impact for your company. They can also analyze your current APIs and suggest optimizations and changes that can bring them to the next level. With an API consultant at your side, you'll be able to get a roadmap to API implementation. Bailey can take the next step with you as well, developing and implementing the API roadmap for you.

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Meet Some of Our API Team

Bailey’s team of API developers, programmers, architects, and consultants thrive off of creating innovative solutions and innovations for our clients. When you work with one of our API nerds, you’ll see the dedication and craft we bring to the table. Meet a few our our top API specialists below:

Nic T.

How’s it going? I’m Nic and API development is my specialty. Outside of work, popping some popcorn and watching old kung-fu flicks is my favorite waste of time, but there’s nothing like getting an API right and helping a business get their systems perfectly connected. I look forward to developing a custom API for you!


Ross U.

Hey there, I’m Ross! As an API programmer, I’m able to find what makes an API tic. Optimizing an API to get it to work perfectly is no easy feat, but that constant challenge is what keeps me coming back. Other than programming APIs, I enjoy spending time programming my own apps. I can’t wait to show you how smoothly your custom APIs can run with the help of some good programming expertise.


Vihaan P.

Hi, I’m Vihaan and I’m a API architect at Bailey. As an expert in various different types of API architecture, I’m able to build the best infrastructure based on the custom APIs you use. When I’m not parsing the building blocks of APIs, I like a nice walk in Central Park with my German Shepard, Rosco. Let’s find out what type of API you need for your business.


Irina H.

Hello, I’m Irina! Many businesses use custom APIs, but there are plenty out there that aren’t using them, or they aren’t using them in an optimal way. As an API consultant, it’s my job to identify the best implementation of custom APIs in any given industry. APIs aren’t my whole life though! I’m an avid cook and I love trying to make gourmet meals out of whatever I have in my pantry. If you’re trying to get an API roadmap for your company, I’d be my pleasure to help you find the best course of action.

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