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With the help of a custom API, two or more of your systems are able to communicate with each other. Think of it as giving your systems a direct line that lets them work at the optimum level when they need to utilize the other systems information. Businesses of any size in the modern era, from large businesses with over 100 employees to the smallest startup, can benefit from the amazing functionality of a custom API. Here at Bailey, we can develop and implement the custom API you need for your business.

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Custom API Development Services

In today’s modern, fast-paced business environment, having a good API is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity. In order to get the most functionality out of your various business applications, you need a well-oiled custom API behind-the-scenes ensuring everything connects smoothly. Custom APIs aren’t just for customer-facing applications either. Many businesses require internal APIs to function. You can’t afford for these APIs to be anything less than stellar.

When you work with Bailey’s API developers, we can help make an impact on your business in a wide variety of ways:

Develop Your Custom API

Whether you need a first-party API for internal use or a web-based API, Bailey can develop what you need. We can configure your API solution for your mobile platform, for desktop, for browser apps, and more. When we develop a custom API for your business, we take care to ensure it runs quickly, smoothly, securely, and reliably. Our team can ensure you have every functionality and feature you need for your API, so it does exactly what you need it to do.

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Connect and Integrate Third-Party Apps

Do you have third-party apps that you need to integrate with your custom API? Not a problem for the Bailey team. We can connect your custom API to whatever third party apps you need it to talk to. Your API should work the way you want it to, and we’ll make sure that it does.

Work Within Existing Legacy Systems

A custom API doesn’t have to be a complete teardown of your older systems. In fact, with a custom API, you’re able to modernize your legacy systems. Maintain all of your current operations and databases while implementing faster queries, better functionalities and features, and the ability to connect to any other apps in your ecosystem.

Integration of Payment APIs

Payment APIs are one of the most common forms of API and they’re near the top of the list of the most important ones. If you have a payment API, you need it to work properly and be as easy to use as possible. We can develop your payment API so that it facilitates secure and speedy transactions.

Our Process

Bailey’s proven custom API development process is thorough and built for efficiency and effectiveness. When we deploy your custom API, you can rest assured that it will be ready to go and ready to do what you require. Here’s what you can expect:

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Feasibility Assessment

First, we need to determine your custom API needs. Are you needing a brand new API? An API that works with your existing systems? What do you need it to connect to? In the first phase of our process, we’ll learn your exact wants and needs and determine the best course of action.

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Planning and API Mapping

Next, we map out a full plan for the APIs features and functionalities. During this phase, we’ll create a fully-formed plan for your API and outline everything that it will be able to do upon deployment. You’ll be able to look through the plan and ensure it addresses all your feasible wants and needs before we begin development.

Documentation and Deployment

We’ll develop your custom API and create documentation for you to fully understand the ins and outs of your API. During the development process, we have our expert API developers create a robust, scalable, reliable, and secure solution based on our established plans.

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We deploy your custom API and implement it into your system. We’ll make sure that any integrations are made at this point so that you’re able to immediately start benefiting from your new custom API.

Ongoing Testing and Support

We will conduct recurring tests to ensure that the API is meeting and exceeding your desired levels of performance. As your partner, we also provide full support on an ongoing basis to address any questions or troubleshooting you might have further down the road.

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Opportunity Assessment

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Planning and API Mapping

Documentation and Development

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Ongoing Testing and Support

Our Team

Our team of developers have extensive experience developing custom APIs for a variety of applications across an array of industries. Meet some of our team below:

Jonah W.

Hi, I’m Jonah and as an avid camper and weekend adventurer, there’s nothing I like more than a physical challenge. Of course, a mental challenge is just as welcome and that’s exactly how I approach API development. I work to make sure your API does what you need, when you need it to.


Anita C.

Hey there, I’m Anita. I spend a lot of my time wandering museums and lately I’ve become a bit of an art collector myself. That’s me in my freetime, but at work I dedicate myself to coming up with innovative and secure API solutions to help companies maximize their potential.


Ranjeet G.

Ranjeet here. As a double-major in biology and computer science, my first love was studying marine mammals, but I quickly gained a passion for coding and development. This led me to dedicate years to something that excited me: API development. I look forward to sharing that expertise and experience with you.


Alexander P.

Hello, I’m Alexander. I’m a bit of a world traveler, but my love of pasta usually brings me back to Italy time and time again. When I’m not heading to the Mediterranean to fill up on penne, I’m helping companies make impactful connections with their APIs. My five years of experience has helped me become an expert in all things API and I can’t wait to see how I can help your company.

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