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A live, online automation workshop for teams that want to do their best work and companies that want to thrive in today’s competitive marketplace.

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What is Anchor Work Automation (AWA)?

Anchor work is holding your team down. It’s causing frustrations, headaches, and unhappy team members.

The reality is no matter how effective your team is, they experience hours of required and repetitive work each day. Known as “anchor work,” this work holds them down, preventing them from doing their best work. You know that strategic work that requires time, space, and creativity. The work that results in breakthroughs, not breakdowns. The work that ensures deadlines are met and metrics are exceeded. Yeah, that work. We want to help your team do more of it.

It’s not your fault your team is bogged down with anchor work. Anchor work is pervasive in every industry. It’s the standard way to work for 99% of teams. Luckily, there’s a better way. Join the 1% that have found a better way and automate anchor work. Don’t know how? That’s where this automation training workshop comes in.

By attending our workshop and learning how to leverage automation on a daily basis, your team is empowered to turn anchor work into minutes of their day, rather than hours. With automation, let them get back to what they do best while their automation bots take care of the rest. Don’t worry. With the help of your expert instructor it’s easier than you think. We will show you how and ensure your team has what it needs to succeed.

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How Does Anchor Work Automation Work?

Your team doesn’t have to feel the weight of anchor work. Anchor Work Automation is a collaborative, impactful workshop that puts your team on the right track.

The Anchor Work Automation workshop is designed specifically to put the power in the hands of your team to understand the ins and outs of automation and how it applies to their least favorite kind of work. Once your team has completed our workshop, they’ll be able to take their knowledge and apply it to all their workflows, keeping automation at the forefront of how your team does business.

The Anchor Work Automation Workshop is tailored to your team. That means we adapt our workshop to meet the needs of your team and address the pain points of your industry.

With our live, 1:1 workshop, your team will gain direct access to Bailey’s expert instructor, William Griggs, who will teach and support your team with a powerful combination of lectures, discussions, brainstorming sessions, assignments, and group work. This workshop is fully collaborative, engaging your team from beginning to end. The result? Each team member will walk away with an actionable plan of attack, based on their role, and the skills implement it.

New to automation? We won’t just throw you in the deep-end. With pre-workshop access to videos and thought exercises, your team will get to nail down the fundamentals and come prepared with knowledge, questions, and specific challenges in their role to get the most out of the workshop event if they aren’t the most tech savvy.

Run a remote organization? No worries, we also support remote workshops so we can teach your team the automation skills they need to succeed, no matter where they are.

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Automation Fundamentals Workshop

The Automation Fundamentals Workshop is great for teams at any level. Our foundational course will teach your team the bedrock knowledge they need, the ins and outs of the most popular automation tools for your industry, the automations they need to solve their anchor work, and how they can implement them into their daily workflows. With the Automation Fundamentals Workshop, we give your team the most in-depth automations right from the start. The skills they learn in this course will allow them to understand automation and how it can make their professional lives easier while simultaneously increasing their impact.

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Automation Masterclass Workshop

The well of automation opportunities runs deep, and sometimes fundamentals aren’t enough for an experienced team. As their work becomes more complicated, so will the automations they utilize. With our Automation Masterclass Workshop, your team will gain a deep understanding of automation, how to scale their automations as your team grows, and a variety of other highly advanced automation techniques. When the fundamentals aren’t enough, we step in with our customized Masterclass to give them the tools and skills they need to implement the most advanced automations that their responsibilities demand.

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What Will We Learn?

Learn the Fundamentals, Get a Full Playbook, and Get the Tools You Need from Your Automation Instructor William

Our proven track record across a wide variety of industries has positioned us as an industry-leader in the automation world. We know how these tools work inside and out, we know what works best depending on the industry, and we know how to customize automations to meet the needs of any team. In short, our fresh outlook and our expertise revolutionizes the way businesses work...and now we’re giving you access. No matter which of our workshops you choose, here are some of the skills you’ll be learning:

  • Foundations of automation
  • Our automation playbook
  • The principles of what makes a good automation
  • Best practices for different industries
  • The latest trends in automation
  • The best and most powerful tools
  • The most powerful automations
  • Case studies
  • Common mistakes people make with automations
  • Common hurdles teams face when implementing automation
  • A full automation implementation plan customized to your team
  • And much more...
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What Does AWA Come With?

The Most Value in an Automation Workshop. Period.

When you sign your team up, you’ll get access to an array of highly useful resources as well as our live, collaborative sessions. Here’s what you can expect when you sign up for one of our workshops:

  • Instructional Videos for Preparation and Future Reference
  • Live, Collaborative Instruction, Tailored Completely to Your Team, Business, Industry, and Location
  • Q&A Session with Your Expert Instructor
  • The Anchor Work Automation Workbook
  • The Anchor Work Automation Playbook
  • The Anchor Work Automation Resource Board
  • Posters and Canvases

The Anchor Works Automation Workshop isn’t designed to just throw some concepts at your team and hope they stick. These concepts will be ingrained by the end of this workshop, so your team can actually utilize them fully. We give you all the tools and resources necessary for complete automation success. Nothing less.

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Who is AWA For?

When you sign up for Bailey’s Anchor Work Automation Workshops, you’ll see the benefits ripple through every member of your team. Everyone from the individual, to the team, to the company will be impacted by learning and implementing automation. Here’s how they reach their automation potential through our workshop:

For Individuals

Everyone operates and works in a different way. There is no right answer on how to do work effectively and efficiently. With our automation workshop, each member of your team will learn how automation can fit into their work style. They’ll understand the nuances and how it can take their least favorite work off their plate, permanently.

Individuals who participate in our workshop can expect:

  • A lighter workload
  • More time for strategic work that really moves the ball forward
  • A bigger impact on the metrics your responsible for
  • Tangible proof you deserve that promotion
  • Increased work satisfaction
  • A greater desire to stay and grow with the company

This makes for happier, more engaged, and more creative individuals. In short, the best employee possible.

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For Teams

Once the individual is empowered, so is the team. By having every member of the team humming along and utilizing their best automations, the team as a whole will perform like a well-oiled machine.

At the team level, your team will see themselves:

  • Exceeding their team goals and making a much bigger impact
  • Having more time to dream up and tackle new projects
  • Reaching new levels of success that lead to more interesting work
  • Wanting to convince their best colleagues to join the company
  • Obtaining bigger budgets and a bigger headcount.

A team that works well together is a successful and happy team. Without anchor work to hold them back, your team will be able to reach new heights.

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For Enterprises

Automation supports a company in a similar hierarchy to a pyramid. The individuals who make up the teams improve the teams through their knowledge. The multitude of automation-adept teams in turn, make the company as a whole better.

At the company level, your company gets:

  • Successful and happy teams in every department
  • Goals will consistently being met and exceeded
  • Increased profits
  • Your company will grow at an incredible rate

When your entire company is employing the might of automation, you reap the maximum benefits.

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Who is William Griggs?

Meet your workshop leader.

William Griggs is an automation expert, leader, writer, business nerd, and engaging educator all wrapped up in one. As the son of a professor and a preacher, William’s fire for teaching began at an early age. With a long tenure in the business world, across many industries, he’s able to give teams the automation knowledge they need to succeed.

With well over a decade of experience in leadership, team-building, automation, and more, William has found automation to be one of the most exciting technologies changing in the business world today. Harnessing his growth and experience in this area, he’s decided to pass on the knowledge he’s gained to other companies, so they can experience the wonders of automation as well.

More than just a proven professional, William is also a caring husband and a father to two babies; one with fur and one without. When William isn’t teaching your team how to automate, he enjoys breakfast tacos, motown music, short emails, dad hats, and SpaceX rocket launches.

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