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The right API can make all the difference in a business. A bad API or a poorly optimized API can mean downtime for your team, losing clients, lack of security, and an array of other complications. As a business owner, you can’t afford for any of the possibilities to come to fruition. An API consultant has the knowledge and expertise to know what kind of APIs you need, how they need to be built and deployed, what they need to connect to, and so much more. When you’re looking for guidance on how to make the biggest positive impact with your APIs, turn to an API consultant at Bailey.

Hire an API Consultant with Bailey
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Benefits of API Consulting

APIs pretty much run the modern business world. The connection and communication between systems is a necessity for almost all industries. That’s why you want to make sure the APIs you implement are bug-free and optimized for peak performance. That’s why you should have an API consultant to help map out what you need. An API consultant can:

  • Identify areas where a custom API can make the biggest impact
  • Identify which third-party apps might need to be integrated to optimize current APIs
  • Identify optimizations for all apps and systems in your API network
  • Map out a plan for optimization, deployment, or implementation that causes minimal disruption to your normal business operations
  • Identify the different types of APIs you need and the proper architecture for them to run on
  • Explain the ins and outs of any APIs we build for you, and answer any questions you might have at any point in the process

With an API consultant, there will be nothing but transparency and peace of mind throughout the process of implementing and deploying the APIs that your business needs.

Our API Consultation Process

Bailey's proven API consultation process allows us to work as efficiently and effectively as possible, getting your APIs up and running so you can get back to business. Here are the steps of our process:

Initial Consultation

Our initial consultation allows our API consultant to understand your business and listen to the problems you want an API to address. During this phase of the process, we’ll be able to identify where the biggest opportunities are and get a better idea of what your business entails.

Mapping Out APIs

During this phase of the process, we’ll run down your list of wants and needs and find the best solutions to them. We’ll parse the different types of APIs and architectures and map out a plan for what they can do to solve your problems.

Strategy Meeting

Once we’ve identified the APIs that we conclude will be the best for your business, we will run a strategy with you to ensure the API plan we’ve created meets your desired outcome. Once we have approval, we’ll begin development.

Development and Deployment

Our consultants will pass on the plan to developers to create and implement.

Implementation and Walkthrough

We’ll deploy your thoroughly tested APIs and walk you through the ins and outs, answering questions you may have and showing you what your API is doing for you.

Reporting and Support

We provide continuous reporting on the performance of your APIs and provide you support when you need it.

Initial Consultation

Mapping Out APIs

Strategy Meeting

Development and Deployment

Implementation and Walkthrough

Reporting and Support

This is our full process for consultation and implementation. Maybe you have a development team already in place, but need a second opinion on the strategy phase. Or maybe you just need a consultation on the potential of APIs for your company going forward. Our flexible consultation services are built to help you with your API plans in whatever way you need.

Types of APIs

A surprising amount of industries utilize APIs in their daily operations. If you don’t see the type of API you’re needing below, that doesn’t mean there isn’t an API that meets your needs. These are just some of the most common examples.
airplane flying
Booking Services
finding best path to automation
Machine Learning
data being collected
Data Sourcing
data in the cloud
fiat currency
delivery truck on the way
And Many More

There are so many unique types of APIs out there, it would be impossible to list them all. In short, if you’re needing to connect two applications or sources of data, you can benefit from an API. Our API consultants can figure out what type you need.

Choosing Bailey for Your API Needs

Bailey works tirelessly to make the biggest impact possible on your business with the help of APIs. Whether you need a consultant, or any other type of API specialist, Bailey makes sure to hire the best to get you there. We offer ongoing support after our services are complete because we are dedicated to the success of our clients.

Meet the Bailey Consultants

Our Bailey consultants have worked in just about every industry you can imagine, and have immense knowledge on the different types of APIs and how they work. Meet some of our consultant team below:

Benjamin I.

Hi, I’m Benjamin! I’m usually a fisherman on the weekends and I like bringing my son along on the boat, but I also love helping companies realize the abilities of APIs. Whether a company needs some optimizations or a full-on implementation plan, it’s always an interesting endeavour.


Tasha H.

Hello there, I’m Tasha. As an API consultant, I love digging into a business's operations and finding the perfect solutions to their API needs. Mapping out a plan for a business is always great, but in my freetime, you can find me at my weekly poker game with my friends.


Kiaan A.

Hey, I’m Kiaan. API consultation is an all-encompassing service that I enjoy each and every time. I get to find what works in a business, what doesn’t, and come up with API solutions to fix the parts that don’t. When I’m not doing API consulting, I’m usually at home with the family, spending some time watching the latest Marvel movie or playing Monopoly.


Raylan T.

Nice to meet you, I’m Raylan! My passion is API consulting, as it lets me come up with creative and effective solutions for businesses. APIs have so many amazing features and functionalities, and it’s always good to see a business perform better when their APIs are optimized. When I’m not working with APIs, I’m checking my crypto trading platforms and working on my novel.

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