API Architects: Building the Perfect API for Your Company

Before you implement a brand new custom API, something that must be considered is the architecture of the API. How will your applications use the API? How will they connect through the API? These questions are all answered when an API architect is mapping out the architecture. Here at Bailey, our API architects have substantial experience in a variety of different types of APIs and they can make sure your architecture is optimized for any potential API project you have in mind.

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Types of APIs

When dealing with APIs, there are four different types of APIs available to work with. They are:

Open APIs

These APIs have no restrictions to access, meaning anyone can access the data on an open API. Public availability means that it’s fairly simple to connect and pull data to one of these APIs.

Partner API

These APIs have more restricted access, as you will need a license or privilege to access the data within. You can only connect to these APIs if you have the right to do so.

Internal API

Commonly used for internal use in a company. The data in these systems are limited to the company using them. These are often custom made APIs and are designed to make things easier for the company, clients of the company, and employees within the company.

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Composite APIs

Are able to connect to multiple data sources and endpoints in one call. Often a composite of data and service APIs.

Here at Bailey, we can help connect your APIs in nearly any way you need them to connect.

API Architecture

The architecture of the API defines the rules of an API and how they’re enacted. Here are some of the common API architectures that Bailey can implement for you:


REST, also known as representational state transfer, is an architecture that is commonly used for web APIs. The REST architecture defines several constraints that causes an API to be a REST API. These include:

  • Client-service architecture - Using a REST API separates the user interface from the backend and data sources. This allows clients to use an API in a user-friendly manner and keeps any server changes from affecting the client.
  • Stateless - Client information isn’t stored on the server
  • Layered - The API should be layered and hierarchical
  • Cache - The API caches responses to improve user experience and efficiency.


SOAP is a standard web API architecture that also has principles and rules that define it. SOAP, or simple object access protocol, can operate over various communication protocols and allows for any style of programming. It primarily defines message structure and communication methods in a web API.


JSON and XML-RPC protocols are simple protocols known as remote procedural call protocols. They encode calls with JSON or XML, depending on which you choose.


GraphQL is a newer protocol that can connect to any kind of database. With GraphQL, you can easily get the exact data you’re looking for with one request, thanks to its unique approach to endpoints. Clients are also able to both request and send data to your server.

Bailey is able to work with a variety of different protocols based on your specific needs. A Bailey API architect can guide you on what type of architecture is best for your business, or make sure your chosen architecture is optimized to peak performance.

Why You Need an API Architect

If you don’t have a handle on the different types of APIs and the different architecture protocols, then an API architect can clear things up. With a feasibility analysis, they’ll be able to see how to improve your existing APIs or what type of protocol you need for new custom APIs. APIs can be extremely complicated when you’re unaware of the demands of API backends. An API architect will be able to put your company on the right path and deploy the best possible version of an API for your unique needs.

Why Choose Bailey?

Bailey chooses a diverse set of API specialists to cover any potential API needs of any company in any industry. When you choose Bailey for your API services, we are going to be there with you every step of the process, and in perpetuity after deployment. You want to make sure your APIs are performing at top levels, and Bailey is the team that can get you there.

Meet our API Architects

Here are a few members of our expert architect team. Our Bailey architects have training and experience in just about every type of API you can imagine. We’re sure to have a great fit for your company:

Davis R.

Nice to meet you, I’m Davis. I try to spend as much time at the ocean as I can, but otherwise you can find me brushing up on the latest developments in API architecture. It’s amazing how APIs function and making sure that architecture is sound is one of my favorite tasks. I’m looking forward to mapping out the best API possible for your business.


Eileen C.

Hi, I’m Eileen! To me, there’s two great things in life: a good book and expanding my knowledge on APIs. API architecture is the crux of any good API, and figuring out the best path is always exciting. I hope to find that path for your API.


Adit N.

Hello, I’m Adit. In my old business, I constantly used APIs and as I learned more about them, what excited me most was the different architectures and how they guided the APIs. There’s always a good architecture for any given API and building the best one possible is something I love to do. Other than API architecture, you can find me spending the weekend playing my PS5.


Mikhail M.

Hi, I’m Mikhail. As an API architect, it’s my job to find the best way to build an API for your company. Mapping out an architecture is a consistently invigorating process and with over 5 years of experience in REST and other protocols, I know I can find the best path for you. When I’m not expanding my API architecture repertoire, I like to expand my flexibility with some yoga at the park.

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Don’t Leave Your API Architecture to Chance

As we mentioned, API architecture is no simple matter. The way your API navigates its queries and functionality is extremely important. Leaving the performance of your API up to chance is bound to cause issues down the line. Let Bailey’s expert team of architects optimize and build your APIs to perform the way they’re supposed to. Get in touch with us by filling out the form below. One of our architects will contact you soon to set up an opportunity assessment and determine your API wants and needs.

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“API architecture is the lynchpin of your APIs performance capabilities. Here at Bailey, we have specialists in every API protocol, so you can rest assured that we’ll get your API where it needs to be. We look forward to getting you there.”

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