Meet Bailey: A Company Founded to Help Other Companies Thrive Through the Impact of Automation

Automation is changing the business world as we know it, and here at Bailey, we want to help your company harness this incredible technology. With our uncompromising dedication to achieving impactful results for our clients, we've become a leading provider for RPA, Zapier, and custom API automation services. Bailey is committed to providing our clients with the quickest, most effective path to automation possible.

If you're unfamiliar with the benefits of automation, you might be surprised at the huge impact it can have on a businesses' growth. Automation leads to amazing results like increased profits, streamlined processes, happier employees, and more satisfied customers. And that's just beginning.

Our expert team, proven process, and experience in an array of industries makes Bailey the best choice when you're in need of custom automation solutions. With Bailey, you can rest assured that we can bring your company into the future.

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Our History

Bailey was founded in 2016 by William Griggs to solve a problem that many companies were facing. With the rise of automation and automation platforms like Zapier, UlPath, and Automation Anywhere, many businesses were looking for a way to integrate automation into their processes. The problem was, it can be difficult making those visions for automation a reality without the proper expertise. That’s where Bailey comes in. Bailey set out with the goal to help these businesses make the jump to automation in the most efficient and effective way possible.

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Our Vision

Here at Bailey, we’ve seen automation make meaningful, positive impacts on the growth of a business. But when you use automation in your business, it doesn’t just stop there. Automation helps businesses everywhere to thrive, which in turn bolsters the economy of their communities. Thriving businesses mean more jobs, better cities, more resources for nonprofits, and happier citizens in general. Our vision here at Bailey is to use automation to help bring these benefits to your business, and by extension, your community.

At Bailey, we believe we're early to the automation party. Automation is just starting to take hold, and it’s only going to get bigger over the next few decades. We've implemented many automation processes, ones that run error-free without human intervention, and we’ve seen how positive this is for your company’s bottom line. As automation advances, more and more processes will be able to be automated, letting humans focus on the big picture and more rewarding, billable work. Automation can and will change the way business works for the better, and Bailey can make sure that your company isn’t missing the boat.

Our Mission

Our mission is to implement robust, scalable automations that completely revolutionize the way your business operates. With our automation solutions, we're able to help businesses save time, increase revenues, streamline processes, increase employee happiness, and enhance customer service. We do this by taking a top down look at the companies we work with, and finding every opportunity for automation they have. We then implement solutions using the best automation platform, whether that be Zapier, UIPath, or even something completely custom.

By helping companies harness the power of automation, we ensure the longevity of our clients. Companies utilizing automation will become stalwart pillars of their communities, adding value at every level. They'll be able to continually use automation as their business grows and when automation is the standard, they'll already be far ahead of the curve. When you work with Bailey, you’ll be preparing your company for the future while greatly enhancing it for the present.

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Meet Our Founder

William Griggs is the CEO and Founder of Bailey, meaning he’s in charge of leading the company, pushing the envelope, and recruiting the best automation talent from around the world.

William is a serial entrepreneur who has seen first-hand the impact automation has had on his own businesses. This inspired him to start Bailey. He knew the power of automation could have a positive impact on businesses in a wide variety of industries, and he wanted to pass those benefits on.

William founded Bailey and continues to run the company because he believes in the power of automation and loves to see the positive impact it has on organizations, communities, employees, and customers. William is always striving to ensure the Bailey approach to automation is at an industry-leading level.

How We’re Pushing Automation Forward

Here at Bailey, we’re not satisfied with just implementing a solution and then moving on. Our full suite of automation services included continuous support for our companies. This lets us ensure that our automation solutions are optimized for your company’s continuous growth. Since we work in a wide variety of industries and we’re constantly looking to keep these companies at the top of their field, we’re constantly learning new ways to automate. This helps give us an edge in the automation industry and constantly innovate our approach and optimize our process uses to run the company because he believes in the power of automation and loves to see the positive impact it has on organizations, communities, employees, and customers. William is always striving to ensure the Bailey approach to automation is at an industry-leading level.

Areas of Expertise:
What Industries Use Automation?

Our diverse team at Bailey have implemented automation solutions across various industries. Here are just a few of the industries where automation is making the biggest impact:



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Real Estate

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hospital building






bank building

Financial Institutions

business building

Retail and eCommerce

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And Many More

If you don’t see your industry listed here, get in touch with us. There’s opportunity in a vast array of industries, so allow us to do an opportunity assessment to see how we can impact your organization.

Featured Members of the Bailey Team

For Bailey’s diverse team of automation experts, no challenge is too big (or small) for them to take on. Meet a few of our most experienced team members below:

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Steve L.

Nice to meet you, I'm Steve! Through my experience working with RPA and Zapier automations, I've seen companies grow and thrive quicker than would have ever been possible before automation technology. When I'm not helping companies shoot to the next level, you can find me kayaking and camping with my wife and kids.

hasan photo

Hasan W.

Hey there, I'm Hasan! As a custom API automation developer, I love finding automation solutions to what were once complicated problems. Once a business sees how automation can impact almost every level of their organization, they often mention how they can’t imagine going back to the old way. Hearing that is one of the best parts of my job! If I'm not deep in my computer coding away, | like to catch a baseball game on TV or play soccer with friends.

lucy photo

Lucy D.

Hi, I'm Lucy! As an RPA consultant, | love finding the obstacles businesses are having with growth and showing them how automation can give them the best path to growing the business, making employees happy, and so much more. If I'm not helping businesses overcome those pesky obstacles, | like to grab some ice cream and head to the beach!

Bailey’s team of automation experts are the best in the business. We're constantly building our talent pool to ensure we're bringing the best talent possible to your business. Meet the rest of our awesome team members below!


Bailey is a Local Company with Worldwide Talent

Although Bailey started small with our Texas headquarters, we’ve quickly grown to be a company with international reach. Our status as a remote company allows us to recruit the best automation talent around the world to serve our clients. In addition, it gives us the flexibility to implement automation in your company, no matter where you are. Here at Bailey, our goal is to make our automation services available to as many organizations as possible, so we can start making the business world a better place, one automation implementation at a time.

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